Patriots downplay illnesses impacting things in loss to Texans

Ryan Hannable
December 02, 2019 - 6:30 am

Heading into the game against the Texans Sunday night, the story with the Patriots was the illness that hit the locker room during the week.

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On Wednesday, eight players missed practice due to illness and then nine of them were questionable heading into the game with illnesses. The team even took two planes to Houston, but in the end all nine played (except Jermaine Elumenor, who made the trip and was seemingly healthy) in the 28-22 loss.

Speaking afterwards, the team downplayed the illnesses affecting things on the field.

“That was more hype than anything,” Devin McCourty said to reporters. “Guys were in there. By the end of the week, we had guys practicing. We knew exactly what we had. We didn’t have anybody on their deathbed. Come Friday, we had a lot of guys in there able to go — no different from injuries. We had a good idea of who was playing. Other than how guys individually felt out there playing, I wouldn’t say with our preparation during the week we were thrown off a lot by that.”

Stephon Gilmore added: “No excuses. We still were out there playing the game. We’ve still got to execute our game plan. Things happen. You’ve got to be able to overcome it and play good football.”

Marcus Cannon did miss the first series of the second half likely to get an IV, but other than that there was no indication the illnesses changed the way the Patriots did things.

In the end, the team just got beat by a better team on Sunday night.

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