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Patriots never came close to making trade deadline deal, per Ian Rapoport

Ryan Hannable
November 02, 2018 - 11:14 am

There was a lot of buzz late last week and early this week that the Patriots could potentially trade for a wide receiver before Tuesday's deadline.

This got even more steam following the report of Josh Gordon being tardy last week and supposedly being disciplined in the game against the Bills, which of course didn't happen.

But, appearing on Kirk & Callahan Friday morning, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport said the Patriots never really were close to a deal when it came down to it.

“With the Patriots, first of all, they are always thinking of contingency plans," he said. "I wasn’t surprised that they were having these conversations about receivers. My understanding was they never got close to doing a deal. As of Tuesday, they were out on Demaryius Thomas. They were in on Golden Tate, but not like the Eagles were. I don’t ever think the Patriots would give a third-rounder for a 30-year-old receiver who is coming up on free agency. That would just never happen. …

“As far as the Patriots are concerned with Josh Gordon, it is simply he is on the team until he is not. But, they are always preparing for what could happen. They went into this situation with eyes open. They knew what kind of player he was. Great player, incredible potential. They knew what kind of person he is and the kind of demons he battled. I think for anyone who has dealt with someone battling addiction, very, very serious addiction, someone that has rightened his career and his life, you take it on a day-by-day basis. I think that is how the Patriots are taking it.”

The Patriots have a wide receiver depth chart of Julian Edelman, Gordon, Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett and Cordarrelle Patterson.

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