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Despite back-to-back 38-point games, Josh McDaniels, Tom Brady know Patriots offense can be better

Ryan Hannable
October 05, 2018 - 1:46 pm

After failing to score more than 20 points in back-to-back weeks, the Patriots offense has responded with two straight 38-point games, including Thursday's 38-24 win over the Colts.

Most teams would be very pleased with that output, but not the Patriots.

Right after the game, quarterback Tom Brady noted the team left some plays out on the field.

"We scored 38, which is great, but we have more in us this week," Brady said. "Last week, we scored I think 38. I think we have more in us, and I think that’s what we’re looking at. So, we’ve got a lot of room to grow, and we need to make a lot of improvements in a short period of time."

Turnovers have been the issue, as the offense already has nine in five games after having just 12 all of last season.

Brady has six interceptions, which has him on pace for 19. That would be the most in his entire career. Some of these have been bad decisions by the quarterback, while others have been the case of some tipped balls or drops by receivers that have fallen into defenders' hands.

"I mean, a part of it’s that those things come up and they happen," Brady said. "You know, ultimately, I think everyone’s frustrated that we just missed opportunities, and I think that’s what we always look at – you know, if you have a guy open down the field, that we connect, if we have opportunities in the red area, we score. You know, we look at those. And, fortunately, we came out ahead, but I know we’ve had too many turnovers and we’ve got to eliminate those because we have a 93 percent chance of winning when we don’t turn the ball over, and that’s pretty good. So, we all need to do a better job taking care of it."

Friday morning on a conference call, multiple times Josh McDaniels unsolicited brought up how the offense still can be better.

"We always try to get into a good rhythm regardless of who we’re throwing it to, but our overall execution yesterday – you know, he helped us at the beginning and certainly made some plays throughout, but I’d say there’s plenty of things we need to improve on," he said when discussing Julian Edelman. "But, it’s good to have him back."

"I’d also add that there’s a lot of things that we didn’t do very well last night that we need to make progress on and improve on, and that’s really where we’re going to be focused moving forward," McDaniels later added.

So while the offense looked much better than it did the first three weeks of the season with Edelman returning and Josh Gordon having more of a role, it's clear the unit believes it can be even better.

And when the team has already turned the ball over nine times, that's an easy place to start.

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