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Patriots players react to Bill Belichick yelling at Adam Thielen: 'How many catches did he have?'

Ryan Hannable
December 02, 2018 - 9:19 pm

FOXBORO -- The Patriots earned one of their biggest wins of the season -- 24-10 over the Vikings Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium -- and it is likely the thing that gets the most discussion Monday won't even involve a play on the field.

In the fourth quarter, Bill Belichick and Vikings receiver Adam Thielen exchanged words where Belichick could be seen on video telling him to "shut the [expletive] up."

With the Patriots leading 24-10 and nine minutes left in the game, Minnesota had fourth-and-1 from its own 38-yard line and Latavius Murray ran up the middle and was stopped right at the marker.

The play was ruled a first down, but Patrick Chung was injured on the play forcing action to be stopped before Minnesota could rush to the line and run a play. While Chung was down, Belichick challenged the spot and that led to he and Thielen going back and forth.

"He can think what he wants to think," Chung said to when asked to respond to Thielin believing he went down so the Patriots could potentially challenge the play.

Chung missed a few plays, but then returned. He said was was OK afterwards.

Belichick didn't have anything to say on the exchange, but a number of Patriots players reacted to their coach getting so fired up and they all liked what they saw.

Kyle Van Noy: “How many catches did he have? [Five] for 28? .. There you go. That speaks for itself."

Duron Harmon: “It takes a lot for him to say something to you, but it lets you know how passionate he is. A lot of people don’t see that emotion come out of him a lot, but it lets you know he’s not only passionate about the game, but he’s passionate for his players. We appreciate it when we get to see that every once in awhile.”

Devin McCourty: "Yeah, I thought the coolest thing was KV [Kyle Van Noy] had Bill's back right away. He jumped in Thielen's face, but I love when we get in games like this, just going back and forth. I've talked to Thielen a bunch of times off the field, a great guy, but everybody's out there battling and it's all about sometimes football comes down to a yard and we're out there on fourth-and-1 fighting for a yard. Obviously, as a defense we all thought that was a fourth-down stop, but it is what it is. Bill's fiery. We see it every day, so I think it's probably a lot cooler for you guys to see it."

Cordarrelle Patterson: “Once you tick [Thielen] off he explodes. He’s gotta calm down sometimes. But he’s a great guy on and off the field.”

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