Tom Brady on K&C: I am not going to have any more mental mistakes this year

Ryan Hannable
October 15, 2018 - 9:48 am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Kirk & Callahan Monday morning to discuss Sunday's thrilling 43-40 win over the Chiefs where the offensive had its highest output of the season. Even though he was a major part in scoring so many points, including the fourth-quarter comeback and game-winning field goal drive, Brady was still kicking himself for a fumble in the third quarter.

“It is just a mental error," he said. "For me to roll right and avoid the guy, and swing the ball around really with no chance to complete it. I had Julian [Edelman] on the sideline, I just didn’t see him. Usually when you roll right you just have to keep rolling right and try and make a good throw. To stop and move around with all the bodies coming, it just was really a mental mistake, which I am not going to have any more of those this year.

"I won’t do anything like that again.”

And even though the offense scored 38 or more points for the third straight game, the quarterback feels the unit can be even better.

“We played really well at times. There were other times where I thought we could have done better to score even more points," Brady said. "I think we’re starting to feel confident in really what we can achieve when we put it all together for four quarters. I think it is going to look great. We’ve had 38, 38 and 43 [points] and I think we all still feel like there are plays still out there and we’re still getting familiar with one another. If we can keep grinding and keep practicing and keep making improvements, it is tough to stop us. That is a good feeling.”

Josh Gordon played 63 snaps (81 percent), which were the second-most at the receiver position, and even though he and Brady appeared not to be on the same page on a few plays, the quarterback continued to praise his newest weapon.

“I have a lot confidence in him," Brady said. "It has just been so impressive what he’s done in a short period of time. To come in, learn the offense, have the attitude he’s had to do whatever the team needs him to do and for him to be in there for so many plays, in my mind he was just so impressive. He is a football player. He wants to be out there. He’s a competitor, made some big plays for us.

"I think the best is ahead of us if we keep working at it.”

Heading into the game, much was made of Rob Gronkowski vs. Travis Kelce and who is the best tight end in the NFL. Gronkowski had three catches for 97 yards compared to Kelce's five catches for 61 yards. The Kansas City tight end didn't have a single catch in the second half.

“I would vote for Gronk 100 times out of 100," Brady said. "He is a spectacular player and made huge plays when we needed them. He got punt-viced on some of his routes, literally just running into two bodies. They are aware of him on every play. They make it tough for him, but he made the plays when we needed them. To catch the long one at the end and run by the guy — I think there were a few other times where I had him open. He’s doing a great job. I am just so proud of him.”

The Patriots will travel to Chicago and take on the Bears next Sunday.

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