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Tom Brady not worried about connection with Josh Gordon: 'I have no doubt we’ll be on the same page as the season goes'

Ryan Hannable
October 15, 2018 - 1:09 am

FOXBORO -- Sunday night was Josh Gordon's first full experience with the Patriots offense.

Gordon had been active the previous two weeks, but played only 18 snaps in each of those games. Against the Chiefs, Gordon was much more involved, as he appeared to be the No. 3 receiver, jumping Phillip Dorsett on the depth chart. Gordon played 20 snaps in the first quarter alone.

More snaps meant more opportunities, as Tom Brady targeted him a team-high nine times and Gordon finished the game with five catches for 42 yards. It wasn't all good, as there were several plays where it appeared the two weren't on the same page, including two on the opening drive.

"We’re working at it," Brady said afterwards. "I mean, I think he’s only been here for four weeks, something like that, three weeks. So, I actually think it’s pretty impressive what he’s done –  to come out and play as much as he’s played. Our offense is certainly not easy. So, we’re just building on it. We’re going to work at it every day, try to get better, and I have no doubt we’ll be on the same page as the season goes."

In the wild 43-40 win, Brady finished the game 24-for-35 with 340 yards and a touchdown, although his biggest play may have been a four-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter, which allowed the Patriots to take the lead at the time.

"I didn’t know what happened," he said. "They doubled three guys on the play, and I’m just glad. You know, I’ve got to watch it tomorrow, but I got close to the goal line and figured I’d just try to get it in. We needed it."

After Tyreek Hill scored a 75-yard touchdown, the game was tied with 3:03 left and in classic Brady fashion, he led the offense down the field to set up Stephen Gostkowski's 28-yard field goal as time expired.

"We had confidence. I think, I’m glad when he was running – Tyreek was running to score – I said, ‘Good, score quick.’ Because then we had enough time," he said. "They had one timeout left, and it gave us a little time to go down and kick the field goal. So, I don’t know if we punted tonight. Did we punt? So, no punts. You know, I still think we missed some opportunities out there, but made some situational plays when we needed it, the short-yardages – you know, we really lost the game last year on some short yardages, and I thought we were pretty good in it tonight. So, that was a real positive."

With the win, the Patriots have now won three straight and are 4-2 on the year.

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