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Tom Brady: 'Pretty unfortunate' defensive players have to worry about flags, fines, suspensions

Ryan Hannable
October 16, 2018 - 11:59 am

Over the last few seasons, the NFL has imposed some rule changes and implemented points of emphasis more geared towards defenses rather than offenses.

This year, the biggest has been hits to the quarterback as a lot more personal foul penalties have been called.

In Sunday's Patriots-Chiefs game, Kansas City linebacker Breeland Speaks said he didn't finish his tackle of Tom Brady on his four-yard touchdown run because he thought Brady had thrown the ball and he didn't want to get a penalty.

Appearing on Westwood One Radio Monday Night, Brady seemed to indicate he thinks some of the changes have gone too far and taken some of the physicality out of the sport.

“I definitely think the defenders are worried about flags, and suspensions and fines, which is pretty unfortunate," he said. "Football is a physical sport and I think being a mentally tough team is extremely important to the skill set of a football team. I think when you eliminate physicality and some mental toughness it becomes a different sport. Like I said, these things play out over a long time and we’re still trying to be the most physical team. I told you a few weeks ago you never go, ‘Hey, let’s be the most finesse team on the field tonight.’ This is a physical sport and we need to keep it that way and play that way. That has been a great formula for our success over the last 19 years.”

The 41-year-old believes this has been a factor in how many points have been scored this season.

“I think it is the evolution of offenses in football," Brady said. "I think some of the rules are playing into that. It’s just less of a contact sport now. It is much more of a space game, much more of a skill competition I would say than it used to be. I think that is showing up with a lot higher yardages, passing yardages, overall scoring, and so forth. I think that is one of those years.

"It ebbs and flows. I would say it is still early in the year and some of those things even themselves out as the winter months approach and scoring goes down little bit. What you’ve seen through the first six weeks is a lot of offense, a lot of throwing, a lot of really prolific offenses scoring a lot of points.”

The Patriots themselves have been scoring a ton of points, as they have 43, 38 and 38 points in their last three games.

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