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Tom Brady says he needs to be better runner

Ryan Hannable
October 16, 2018 - 10:49 am

At 41 years old and considered the greatest quarterback of all-time, there isn't really much Tom Brady needs to work on.

Or is there?

Appearing on Westwood One with Jim Gray prior to Monday Night Football, Brady hinted he's spent some time this offseason working on his running ability and it is something he would like to do more of.

“When [opportunities to run] come up in certain moments, you’ve got to take advantage,” Brady said. “They don’t really come up for me that often, and unfortunately, instinctually, I don’t have those instincts to just take off and go. I’m always thinking, ‘Throw it. Throw it. Throw it. Throw it.’ It’s never saying, ‘Hey, take off and go.’ And some guys who have a lot of confidence in their speed, that becomes more a part of their game. I think in the offseason, it’s good for me to train like that [so] when I have the opportunities in the game, I could take advantage of it. I’ve had a couple runs this year, and I’m really trying to build on it.

"If [the defense is] really going to focus on some heavy coverage and I have opportunities to run like I did on that particular play [Sunday vs. Chiefs], I’ve got to do a better job seeing it, identifying it and then really being decisive and taking off, because I have the ability to do it. Part of it is I think my mind’s holding me back, as well as my body, and if I can eliminate my mind, I think it will be easier to gain yards when I do decide to run.”

Brady had a four-yard touchdown run in Sunday's 43-40 win over the Chiefs. For his career, he's 17 yards shy of 1,000.

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