Kurt Warner believes Patriots will add another veteran quarterback

Ryan Hannable
March 25, 2020 - 9:14 am

With Tom Brady now in Tampa Bay, the Patriots currently have Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer and Cody Kessler at the quarterback position.

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This seems like enough given Stidham showed some promise as a rookie and there's a veteran in Hoyer who could keep the ship afloat if he's not ready. But, NFL Media's Kurt Warner doesn't think so.

Appearing on NFL Total Access Tuesday night, Warner said he believes Bill Belichick will add another veteran in the coming months.

“I believe so," Warner said. "On the surface, you say, ‘I have this veteran that has played in the league, started in the league. I can always start with him. We have Jarrett Stidham, a guy we believe could be the air apparent to Tom Brady at some point.’ But, I am not sure, as you said, behind either of their curtains is the answer right now. If you want to win, and you feel like you’ve got one of the best defenses in the league as well, as you did last year, you want to have a chance to compete, especially without Tom Brady. You want to prove you can win, even though Tom decided to go down to Tampa.

"I would not be surprised as things start to shake out and we get closer to the draft, or even after the draft, that Bill Belichick reaches out to one of these veteran guys. Is that Andy Dalton? Is that Cam Newton? Is it Jameis Winston? One of those guys who has proven they can play and win in this business as they get Jarrett Stidham ready to be the next guy.”

This would be difficult to do given the Patriots' current salary cap situation, but things could change over time.

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