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Stephen Gostkowski had an even bigger kick than his game-winner

Ryan Hannable
October 15, 2018 - 1:47 pm

There were 83 total points scored in Sunday's Patriots-Chiefs game with the final three coming on a 28-yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal as time expired, but he had an even bigger kick before that.

After the Patriots went ahead 37-33 with five minutes left in the game, the Patriots defense forced a three-and-out and on the ensuing possession, Gostkowski kicked a 50-yard field goal towards the lighthouse end, which is the tougher of the two sides.

This gave the Patriots a seven-point lead, which they needed as Tyreek Hill had a 75-yard touchdown catch on the next Chiefs drive to tie the game at 40.

A 50-yard field goal is no joke, and Bill Belichick noted the importance of the kick and Gostkowski's dependability on Monday's conference call.

"On the 50-yarder we felt pretty confident in it," he said. "Steve hit the ball well in warmups, hit it well all night. Again, sometimes you take a guy like Steve for granted. He just goes out there and bangs them through consistently from short and long. He's just done a really good job for us and last night, as many points as there were in that game, you don’t really think of three points as being that big but they really were, as you pointed out. Steve came through for us with five big kicks."

For the year, Gostkowski is 12-for-13 on field goals.

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