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Lane Johnson reacts to Gillette Stadium crowd, losing to Patriots

Ryan Hannable
August 17, 2018 - 12:05 am

FOXBORO -- Leading into the Patriots-Eagles preseason game Thursday night, Lane Johnson was the story. 

After trash-talking the Patriots most of the offseason, he continued to do it this past week when he said he's been looking forward to the game since the Super Bowl LII win. He also said he hoped the Patriots fans would "raise hell."

Even with all the talk, it was a fairly uneventful night for Johnson, as the Eagles fell to the Patriots, 37-20.

“They had a good defense. We ended up losing 37-20," Johnson said afterwards. "That was it.”

Johnson was asked for his thoughts on the Gillette Stadium crowd.

“They were good," he said. "They were classy. I really have nothing to say. They were classy fans. Touché to them."

Added Johnson: “That is what football is all about. Get the rivalry going. That is what this game is about. That is what makes the game fun.”

Part of Johnson's trash-talking this offseason was him saying the Patriots don't have any fun. He was asked if he thought the Patriots had fun Thursday night?

“I guess. It’s the preseason," he said.

More fun than February?

“There wasn’t really a fun meter out there, but I guess they had more fun because they won," Johnson said.

Finally, Johnson was asked why he's not afraid to say what is on his mind when other athletes are more reserved.

“If you do good they are going to rip you," he said. "If you do bad they are going to rip you. That is how the game goes. At the end of the day, I really don’t concern myself with what people say. It’s really about how this team views me and the personnel who run it.”

“I have been suspended twice," Johnson added. "I know what people think of me. I really don’t have anything to lose. I go out there and show them what kind of player I am, which I have done and I am going to continue to do."

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