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Alex Cora calls out reporter who criticized David Price on MLB Network

Ryan Hannable
October 19, 2018 - 11:31 am

Red Sox manager Alex Cora normally doesn't address media criticism, but after the ALCS Thursday night, he made an exception as it related to a comment made about David Price.

"There was a lot of noise," Cora told reporters afterwards. "I was saying today that -- I don't want to pick battles with the media, but I heard somebody today on TV just blasting David, blasting him, calling him the worst pitcher in the postseason. Yeah, the numbers are there, I know, but he was saying this -- he didn't hesitate. It was a bad matchup, one of the greatest against the worst and all that.

"I don't listen too much to what's going on outside, but that one got me. That one got me. And when he was throwing 94, and the changeups, whatever, I was thinking about that segment on MLB Network today. Probably the guy's going to blast me because I'm talking about him, whoever he is. But you know what? I'm happy that David showed up today. And tomorrow we can turn the page and move on to the World Series with David Price."

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald added Cora said he should apologize.

It turns out the reporter was Evan Roberts of WFAN, who responded Friday morning.

"I admit I was wrong. I have no problem with that," Roberts said. "I'm happy for them. Because I was opinionated? What do you want from me?"

Roberts joked: "You're welcome, Boston. You're welcome. I got you to the damn World Series, so I should be sitting like front row for that World Series, Game 1. I'll sit next to my buddy Alex."

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