Hanley Ramirez

Red Sox pregame notes: Hanley Ramirez staying in LF; Shane Victorino improving; Dustin Pedroia out of leadoff spot?

Ryan Hannable
June 02, 2015 - 2:28 pm

Long-term and broader focused subjects dominated the discussion Tuesday at Fenway Park, as both John Farrell and owner John Henry addresses the team's 22-29 start, but Farrell also addressed a few day-to-day items with the team, including Hanley Ramirez's play in left field. Ramirez has had his fair share of struggles in left field, which he and Farrell acknowledge, but Farrell continues to state it's a work in progress and isn't showing any signs of a potential position change. "There's work daily," Farrell said. "It's a work in progress, we know that. I think if you were to ask Hanley himself, he would say that there is continued work going on there. We have to stay the course with that." -- Shane Victorino was placed on the 15-day disabled list on May 24 with a left calf injury. The manager said he is improving daily and a possible timetable for a rehab assignment will be known at the end of the week. "The volume and intensity of the work and the running continues to ramp up," Farrell said. "That was the case throughout the road trip. We will know better by the end of this week kind of a projected timeline of a rehab assignment. We're not at the point to target a start date for that." -- Farrell also confirmed Justin Masterson will make his second rehab start Friday in Portland. His first one Sunday with the PawSox didn't go that well as the right-hander was on a 50-pitch limit and went 1 2/3 innings, allowing three runs (two earned) on two hits and three walks. -- Dustin Pedroia has performed well out of the leadoff spot, as in nine games he's batted .324, but Farrell indicated the second baseman prefers hitting second and the hope is he could be moved back to his preferable spot once things turn around. "It could be revisited," Farrell said of the leadoff spot. "I know Dustin's preference -- well first of all, Dustin is a constant team player. He's going to do whatever is asked, whatever is best for this team. I know his presence is to hit in the two hole. He's performed great since moving to the leadoff spot, so what we need to do is to continue to solidify things and get on a consistent performance. Consistent winning ways." Following are more highlights from Farrell's pregame press conference, focused on the tough start to the year. For more Red Sox news, visit weei.com/redsox. On this being the most trying stretch as manager: "It's been trying, for sure. I don't think there are any years that you go, at least in the short period I've been doing this, that there's not trying moments, trying stretches of time that you deal with. I think what has probably added to this is our own and our team's expectations, and that is to a man. That is not any one individual. I think because of what we expected and to be in a different place a this point in time in the season, that's probably compounded things a little." On what team/coaches fall back on: "We feel good about the process that we go through in preparation. I can tell you this to a man, and this isn't just  the players, their work ethic has been consistent. We've not always executed, but the work and the things that we can control leading up to the beginning of a game has been consistent and that is what you can lay your head on the pillow every night knowing, 'You know what? We put forth the work. We put the energy, we've done the work leading up to it, sometimes it doesn't work inside of a game.'" On possible drastic changes: "Not at the moment. Ben and I and others in the organization, we talk routinely about this team, this roster, how we go about our work, performance, obviously. I am not aware of any major changes right now." On if team is fortunate to play in AL East: "I think that question has been posed a lot -- have we benefitted by the division to date. Our focus always remains internal and what we have to do to address our own strengths, our own shortcomings, limitations, and certainly the way we've played. That hasn't been acceptable to anyone. Regardless of where we are in the standings, which is clear, or that we are 4 1/2 games out, our focus remains on our own team."