Rex Ryan on Tom Brady: Patriots don't realize how huge of a loss this is going to be

Ryan Hannable
March 18, 2020 - 9:38 am

A lot of people in New England are upset with the Patriots allowing Tom Brady to leave after 20 years, which has them in agreement with former Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan.

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Appearing on ESPN's "Get Up" Tuesday, Ryan said the Patriots made a "huge mistake" allowing Brady to leave.

“I still think Tom Brady is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league," he said. "And his situation, guys he put his team into the playoffs. If they beat Miami in the last week of the regular season, they are the No. 2 seed. That speaks volumes. Yes, they played well on defense, but offensively, they had Tom Brady and, uh, that’s right, nobody else. No offensive line. No receivers. I’m telling you, it was a mess, and yet he still led his team. And so to me, that’s what he still brings to the table out there to the team that’s going sign him.

"I think Tom Brady is still a terrific quarterback and I think it’s a huge mistake for New England. Every single team in the AFC East right now thinks they have a chance of winning and that is not the case back in the day. Yeah, I believed I would win, but the other teams no way in heck they believed they could beat the Patriots with Tom Brady. To me, no Tom Brady, New England, you’re just like everybody else now.”

Ryan added Bill Belichick will realize how much Brady meant to the team, and he pointed to a game in 2016 when the quarterback was suspended and his Bills beat the Patriots 18-0.

“I don’t think they realize how huge a loss this is going to be," he said. "It’s easy to dismiss — ‘Well, Tom Brady’s getting older, he’s old, this and that.’ Yeah, he was still the best player you had on offense. So to me, I’m excited to see the demise of the Patriots, so to speak.

"I faced Belichick one game without Tom Brady at quarterback, and they were 3-0 at the time. And we went to Foxboro with ... an average Buffalo Bills team, and not only did we beat them, we shut them out 18-0. Does it make a difference? It makes a huge difference, and they're getting ready to find out.”

Brady will sign with Tampa Bay, and will face the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in 2021.

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