Rex Ryan rips nearly everyone on Patriots offense besides Tom Brady

Ryan Hannable
January 07, 2020 - 2:52 pm

Clearly, the Patriots offense failed the team in 2019 as the unit couldn't get anything going all year long.

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Tom Brady didn't exactly have much to work with, as down the stretch it was a banged up Julian Edelman, a rookie who missed half the year in N'Keal Harry, a veteran added at the trade deadline but for whatever reason wasn't very successful in Mohamed Sanu and then a JAG in Phillip Dorsett.

Along with getting next to nothing from the tight end position, it's no surprise the Patriots managed only 13 points in the Wild Card loss to the Titans.

Appearing on ESPN recently, Rex Ryan ripped the Patriots offense, but before doing that praised Brady.

“The greatest player (I’ve ever faced), and it’s not close, was Tom Brady,” he said. “Part of it is, you’re right, the greatest game manager in the history of the game. By the way, his arm’s the most underrated arm in the history of the game. And by the way, he’s the smartest guy that I’ve ever gone against. This guy is ridiculous. And he’s tough. Like, you can’t believe how tough this cat is. To me, it is a joke when you look at this team.”

Then Ryan really got going.

“I told you when they were 9-1, I said, ‘There’s something wrong with this team. If they don’t get a bye, they’re absolutely done. One and done.’ I was right,” he said. “Why? N’Keal Harry. By the way, that’s a bust. He was gonna be a bust the day he got drafted. Why? He can’t run. He can’t run. Julian Edelman is a slot receiver, only you’ve got him playing outside. Who the hell’s gonna double him outside? He ain’t gonna beat anybody. He’s got no speed and no length.

"Now, you’re gonna go back in, you’ve got this one kid who’s got speed, Phillip Dorsett. He was a failure in Indianapolis. Here’s his problem: He can run, but he can’t play football. Your tight ends: Old, slow.

“The team stunk. You’ve got a great quarterback, still, in my opinion, with no weapons. When we call them weapons, what? I don’t see a weapon. I see a BB gun or something. It’s nice to have anything. They’ve got nothing.”

No matter what happens with Brady this offseason, expect the Patriots to add some veteran pieces to the offense.

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