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Rob Gronkowski's statistics, thus incentives, don't matter to Bill Belichick: 'Our goal is not to create individual stats'

Ryan Hannable
October 19, 2018 - 1:17 pm

FOXBORO -- Even though Rob Gronkowski is on pace to have 69 catches, 1,080 yards and three touchdowns, it has him just short of the numbers needed to reach his performance-based incentives, except for touchdowns as he's a ways off.

The tight end needs 70 catches, 1,085 yards and nine touchdowns to reach his $3.3 million maximum in incentives, to along with 80 percent playing time.

On Friday, Bill Belichick was asked about Gronkowski's slow start statistically, most notably with touchdowns.

"We're really just worried about this game," he said. "Try to go out there and beat Chicago, so that's what we're going to focus on. If we score enough points and hold them to fewer, then we'll win. That's the goal."

Belichick added: "I'm just telling you like our goal is not to go out there and create stats for an individual player. We just don't think that way. We try to go out and win the game, so whatever we need to do to win the game then that's what our goal is. Our goal is not to create individual stats. That's just not how we do it."

A follow-up was asked if it ever becomes complicated when stats are tied into a players contract, like Gronkowski and Tom Brady. Belichick again said it's just about winning.

"Yeah, again, our goal is the same as it's always been," he said "I think Tom, and Rob, and everybody else on this team, Devin, and Pat [Chung] and everybody else – they come in here and work hard to try to go out and compete well and win games. You'd have to ask other people that question. I don't know. Our goal is to win games. Other people have other agendas, but that's not ours."

So, why even have performance-based incentives in contracts then? That's a question for another day.

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