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Bill O'Brien believes Rob Gronkowski catch at end of half was ruled correctly

Ryan Hannable
September 10, 2018 - 1:16 pm

One of the most controversial plays in the Patriots-Texans game occurred at the end of the first half when Rob Gronkowski made a catch on a seam route for a 28-yard completion to get down to the Texans' 31-yard line. From some angles it appeared the ball came loose, but Brady raced to the line and snapped the ball before it could be reviewed.

Texans coach Bill O'Brien got a lot of heat afterwards for not calling a timeout to give the play more time to get looked at. 

Speaking Monday, O'Brien believes the officials got the call right.

"On the coach's film, I really do [think it's a catch]," O'Brien told reporters. "He went up; he caught it; he kept both hands underneath it. Now relative to some TV angles and some other video angles that I've seen, maybe it was questionable. From the coach's vantage point on the coach's tape, it looked like a catch to me. ... The clock was running and I felt like I did not want to take a timeout there. I felt like we still could hold them to a field goal in that situation."

Five plays later, Phillip Dorsett caught a four-yard touchdown to give the Patriots a 21-6 halftime lead.

After the game, O'Brien was snippy with reporters when asked why he didn't take a timeout following the controversial grab, but clarified things Monday.

"When Gronkowski made the catch, upstairs our guys said, 'Hey look I can't really tell.' It looked to me from the field that he made the catch. I don't really have benefit of nine different angles," he said. "The clock was running down. I wanted the Patriots to operate and see if they can do what they needed to do relative to taking a timeout to allow New York more time to review. I very much realize I can take a timeout there. I decided not to because I felt from my vantage point that it was a catch and that's what I went with. They didn't buzz down in time. OK, I do realize that I can take a timeout. I just didn't make that very clear or answer that question very well last night."

O'Brien is now 0-5 all-time against the Patriots as coach of the Texans.

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