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Rob Gronkowski: I think the end zone misses me

Ryan Hannable
October 31, 2018 - 5:34 pm

FOXBORO -- Rob Gronkowski hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 1, which means he's gone a career-high six games without one.

He also is averaging just 3.7 receptions for 54.2 yards in those games, and is on pace to fall short of his performance-based incentives. He's also missed a game due a back injury to go along with a nagging ankle injury going back to early in the year.

This seems noteworthy following a bizarre press conference Wednesday where he walked off after a series of questions about his performance and confidence. His answers also got shorter and shorter, so perhaps he became frustrated with the questions, although they didn't seem out of line.

Here's how it went, with video at the bottom.

Question: "What can you do better in the red zone?"

Gronkowski: "We got to score. I've got to get open and make plays and we've got to put up points when we get down there."

Question: "That lack of touchdowns, do you feel like it's because you're not getting open or you're just not the primary look, or what would you attribute this sort of touchdown drought to?"

Gronkowski: "I'm not really sure. Yeah. Everything. All of it everything you said. I don't know what to say."

Question: "It's a silly question, but how much do you miss the end zone?"

Gronkowski: "I think it misses me."

Question: "What does that mean?"

Gronkowski: "I don't know."

Question: "Jimmy Graham, what do you think of him as a player?"

Gronkowski: "Good player, yeah."

Question: "You guys have much of a background?"

Gronkowski: "No. Not really"

Question: Rob, is there a level of frustration? We're used to seeing you be targeted eight, 10, 12 times a game. We know you're winning, but counter-balance that with your own performance and productivity."

Gronkowski: "Nah. I mean, we're 6-2. We just won five games in a row. We're just trying to get the W every week."

Question: "How are you feeling right now, Rob?"

Gronkowski: "Living."

Question: "You seem a little subdued thank you."

Gronkowski: "Thank you."

Question: "Where would you say your confidence level is at right now?"

Gronkowski: "It's good."

Question: "Why?"

Gronkowski: "Because we're winning. Alright guys, thank you."

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