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Rob Gronkowski says his brother doesn't speak for him after appearance on K&C

Ryan Hannable
September 26, 2018 - 5:21 pm

FOXBORO -- Tuesday morning, Rob Gronkowski's brother Chris went on Kirk & Callahan and said Rob is "super frustrated" after the first three games.

"I haven't talked to him personally about it, but I can just tell by his emotions and his facial features that he's super frustrated with it," Chris Gronkowski said. "You can see at the end of the game how they ended the game double-covering him, pressing him off the line. He just wants to get the ball in his hands and make plays. You just can't do it when nobody else is getting open. You can't have single-coverage if no one else can beat single-coverage."

Speaking at Gillette Stadium Wednesday, Rob said his brother was probably going on to promote his Ice Shaker and he got caught up in things.

“No, I didn’t talk to him at all," Rob Gronkowski said. "To tell you the truth, I feel like he was probably going on for a promotion thing for his Ice Shaker. No lie. Because he’s been on Shark Tank with it, he’s teamed up with A-Rod. It’s actually a pretty big deal, so I guess buy his Ice Shaker is what he was trying to get to and he probably got caught up in all that nonsense.

"He doesn’t speak for myself, and he knows he doesn’t. He probably just got caught up a little bit. Just got to move on and buy his Ice Shaker I guess and that’s all.”

(The interview came about when Kirk & Callahan producer Chris Curtis texted Chris Gronkowski and asked if he would be willing to join the show to discuss the Patriots' season. Curtis said the show would promote his podcast, but there was nothing about the Ice Shaker.)

Gronkowski did say he's frustrated, but only with losing, not anything else like who he has around him on offense.

"Frustration is always from the aspect of the losses," he said. "Just have to get back on track and practicing and focusing on the Dolphins. Doing what we have to do out on the practice field and studying film, doing the meeting room, getting better so we can be ready and focused on the Dolphins this Sunday."

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