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Rob Gronkowski open to new contract, but isn't his main focus

Ryan Hannable
August 28, 2018 - 4:21 pm

FOXBORO -- Ever since Rob Gronkowski announced he would be playing in 2018, the next thought was he would be getting a revised contract.

Just over a week before the season, the tight end still doesn't have a new contract, but speaking at Gillette Stadium Tuesday, it seems like it's at least somewhat on his mind.

Odell Beckham's massive contract was brought up and the tight end acknowledged it would be "pretty cool" to be lumped into the pass-catching category, as right now he's getting paid tight ends money despite his number of catches.

Gronkowski was asked if he's looking to have something done to his contract in the near future?

"I’m always open for that," he said.

What about before the season?

"It is what it is. That’s not really my focus," Gronkowski added. "I got a long season ahead and just trying to focus on what I need to really do and just let everything else play out."

Right now, Gronkowski is on the books for a base salary of $8 million. Last year, the tight end got performance-based incentives added and when Tom Brady did earlier this summer, many assumed Gronkowski would be next, but it still has not happened.

Additionally, the tight end said he's feeling "100 times" better than he did at this point last season.

"I just love playing the game," Gronkowski said. "I feel good right now. I definitely feel like 100 times better than I did last year during training camp. When you’re feeling good, you love playing the game. I feel good enough to where I thought I could come back, go throughout the whole season, go throughout camp and just keep playing the game and be enjoying it. That’s how it’s been and when you’re enjoying the game, when you’re feeling good, you just love playing the game. It’s just something when you’re out on the field, like your mind is just in another place because you’re just focusing on what you got to do."

While not getting a new deal yet is somewhat interesting, at least for now it doesn't appear to be an issue for Gronkowski, who will be a free agent after next season.

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