Rob Gronkowski apparently not interested in plan to come back midseason next year

Ryan Hannable
March 25, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Following Rob Gronkowski's retirement announcement Sunday night, there's been some discussion of the tight end potentially returning in the middle of next season after realizing he misses the game, or maybe even a call from Tom Brady.

After all, this was a scenario presented a few weeks ago by Willie McGinest, and appearing on the NFL Network Monday afternoon, his agent Drew Rosenhaus said he even tried to pitch it to him, but the 29-year-old wasn't interested.

“I presented it to him, I am sure we could have worked something out with the team, and at the end of the day Rob decided right now that the best thing to do was to walk away," he said. "I think if there wasn’t pressure to make a decision maybe he would leave the door open for a little while longer, but everybody had to know. The Patriots needed to know. They have to fill a humongous void without him.”

Added Rosenhaus: “It is not his plan. He told me, ‘I am done. I have won three championships. I just won a championship. I am healthy. I am going out on top. I am feeling good. I am ready to do other things.’ He told me, ‘I am done, done, done.’ And I tried to talk him out of it. I said, ‘Rob, is there anything I can say to the team, to Coach Belichick about practice, training camp, meetings, whatever?’ I wanted to make sure I exhausted the process of him as his agent in case there was some unique situation we could work out, but he said, ‘Drew, I am happy. I am content with my decision. I took my time and this is what is best for me.’”

There's always the chance Gronkowski can change his mind, but at least as of now it appears like the future Hall of Famer is done.

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