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Seth Wickersham on K&C: Robert Kraft sending inconsistent messages with handling of Alex Guerrero

Ryan Hannable
April 18, 2018 - 9:45 am

ESPN's Seth Wickerham joined Kirk & Callahan Wednesday morning to discuss the inner workings of the Patriots, specifically the drama between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

It appears a large portion of the drama is centered around Alex Guerrero and how much involvement he has with the team. Wickersham noted it appears owner Robert Kraft is sending mixed messages when it comes to him.

“The issues with Alex, as I have detailed and as the Globe has detailed, have to do with his credentials and him as much as they do his methodologies, maybe more," he said. "I don’t know if that ship has sailed or not. I think the problem, and it is a unique problem, there’s no good guy or bad guy and it is sort of interesting because this is what happens when you have this unprecedented situation where you have three future Hall of Famers in that organization and all of which have earned the right to be successful in their terms [and] what role does Alex play?

"I was told that before the Super Bowl Robert Kraft had told people, ‘Look, we have to figure out a way to limit Alex. Yeah, he’s a problem,’ and then he flew out to the Super Bowl on Robert Kraft’s private plane. There’s inconsistencies and I don’t know how it resolves itself and I am not sure it will. I think at the end of the day, Tom Brady loves playing football too much to not come back and that will probably be the case and he will probably return playing at his typically high level.”

Wickerham also noted the biggest thing that happened this offseason was Josh McDaniels staying in New England because things could have gotten really bad if he were no longer around.

“The biggest thing that happened in the offseason was the role of Josh McDaniels coming back," he said. "I know that it was a big deal at the time, but if he had not come back, and everybody obviously expected him to not come back, I wonder if all this stuff would have been much worse. Tom and Josh, they have a very unique relationship. You can’t just replicate that and who was going to coach the offense? Was Belichick going to promote from within? We know how demanding Tom is. There’s not many coaches who can be in that position of authority with him. Would Belichick have pitched in more on the offense himself? If that were the case, could their relationship have handled that? I don’t know what would have happened. I think Josh coming back was a big, big component in having this team have a level of communication that it [does], which is obviously up for debate.”

As for Adam Schefter's report of Brady not committing yet to play in 2018, Wickersham said it is 100 percent accurate.

“He hasn’t told them," he said. "Again, nobody knows exactly how to interpret that. I think the odds are likely that he ends up back and is a compliant good solider as he’s always been, but again, this stuff has been brewing for a long time now. It didn’t begin with my story. This stuff has started last August, last September and if anything what we’ve seen since the Super Bowl is that nothing has changed and instead this stuff is spilling out in public in a way.”

So, what will come from all this?

“I am not sure things will be resolved," Wickersham said. "You’re talking about very successful people who have done things a certain way. Coach Belichick’s system is predicated on outsmarting opponents, having authority to make whatever football decisions he wants to make, and picking players and coaches who buy in completely. You need those components and here you have two of their biggest players and there are some questions of how bought in they are. I think internally that has brought some frustrations out of some people."