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Sounds like Tom Brady missing start of Patriots offseason workout program related to Alex Guerrero

Ryan Hannable
April 16, 2018 - 6:25 pm

Monday was the first day of the Patriots' voluntary offseason workout program and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were not present.

According to a tweet from ESPN's Jeff Darlington, Brady may not be a regular participant in the program this spring, and then speaking on SportsCenter, he seemed to indicate it actually could be the entire voluntary offseason workout program, which includes OTAs.

Despite Brady's frustrations with the Patriots organization, it seems pretty out of character for him to miss actual on-field football work.

But, a later report from NFL Media's Ian Rapoport seemed to indicate Brady might be back for Phase 2 of the offseason program (later in April) when the team gets on the field and does actual football stuff.

"[Brady and Gronkowski] were not at offseason conditioning and not expected to be at offseason conditioning going forward," he said on NFL Network. "How long that takes? A couple of weeks, maybe when they get to the on-field portion both could show up, or one could show up. What we know is they are not there right now. As far as Tom Brady goes, he is out of the country doing work for Best Buddies. ... Remember, there's still the on-going issue with Brady and the Patriots about actual weight training. Brady prefers his own personal guy, [Alex] Guerrero. The Patriots obviously prefer strength and conditioning coaches themselves, so maybe Brady will stay away until they get to the football portion."

It's worth keeping in mind Phase One of the offseason program is strictly strength and conditioning, and these are the only coaches who can work with the players. No on-field "football" work is done during this time period.

Given Brady's beliefs, and commitment to Guerrero, it would not be a surprise if this is the reason why he's not participating and then once the actual football work begins, Brady will return.

As for Gronkowski, Rapoport said his absence may be more related to his contract. So when might he return? Maybe they do together.

"Here's the other thing: from what I am told expect Gronkowski and Brady to kind of behave and show up similarly," Rapoport said. "So maybe when Brady shows up, Gronk will show up too."

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