Red Sox ownership details meeting to part ways with Alex Cora

Ryan Hannable
January 15, 2020 - 3:33 pm

On Monday afternoon, MLB released a report detailing the sign-stealing scheme used in Houston during the 2017 season where Alex Cora, the then bench coach of the Astros, was heavily named.

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MLB suspended Houston manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow for a year, but then the Astros organization took the next step and fired them both.

Then Tuesday night, the Red Sox and Cora made the decision to mutually part ways.

At a press conference Wednesday at Fenway Park, Red Sox ownership — John Henry, Tom Werner and Sam Kennedy — detailed the meeting the group had on Tuesday with Cora, which ended with the organization and their manager parting ways.

“Yesterday was a difficult day,” Werner said. “We all read the Commissioner’s report the day before. We had no — someone said something contrary — but we had no advance knowledge of the findings of the report. We met with Alex yesterday and as John has said, everyone went into that meeting trying to answer the question of what was in the best interest of the Boston Red Sox. Alex was professional, understanding that he had made a mistake.

"After a couple of conversations we all mutually agreed that we needed to part ways, but it was such a sad day because we all have respect for Alex. He admitted what he did was wrong, but that doesn’t mitigate our opinion of the extraordinary talent that he had. We continue to be very fond of Alex.”

Added Kennedy: “Yesterday, while it was difficult personally for a lot of people, professionally it was ultimately an easy decision for the Red Sox and for Alex. It was a mutual decision. I know cooperations, companies sometimes put out these statements that we mutually agreed parted ways and it might mean something different, in this case it did not mean something different. Alex came to the conclusion that he could not effectively lead the organization moving forward in light of the Commissioner’s findings and the ruling. We came to that conclusion as well.

"John, Tom, myself, Chaim (Bloom) and and Alex spent the day yesterday talking about the best path forward for the Boston Red Sox and that is how we came to this decision collectively.”

In the meeting, Cora admitted to his wrongdoing in Houston.

“Alex, by his own admission and we agreed, played a central role in what went on in Houston ad we all agreed that it was wrong,” Werner said. “We had a responsibility as Stewards to have a standard here that that type of behavior is not acceptable.”

It was acknowledged the group did consider sticking by Cora until MLB issues its ruling on him specifically, but ultimately the decision was made to part ways.

“We certainly did consider that and we had a healthy process and a timely process,” Kennedy  said. “Like all of you, we learned from the Commissioner’s ruling on Monday and all communicated Monday afternoon and spent the day Tuesday, yesterday, and came to the conclusion that this was the right thing in the best interest for the Red Sox.”

The Red Sox will now search for their next manager, just weeks before spring training begins.

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