Sunday 7: Why Patriots should keep an eye on QB Josh Rosen in Miami

Ryan Hannable
June 07, 2020 - 6:00 am

1. While the Patriots certainly hope Jarrett Stidham is the quarterback of the future, as always the team needs to at least think about the alternative. We’re not predicting it to happen, but what if Stidham struggles mightily this season and the organization knows he’s just not going to be the guy? Then, it would need to find its new quarterback of the future. Even if he struggles, it’s unlikely the Patriots would find themselves with a top-3 pick, thus that quarterback likely wouldn’t come via the draft (ie. Trevor Lawrence). A player to keep an eye on is Josh Rosen, who is just sitting in Miami. With Tua Tagovailoa its QB of the future, Rosen is essentially just waiting for his next home. The Patriots had interest in Rosen prior to the 2018 draft, so if Stidham is not the answer, maybe Rosen is. The UCLA product is still on his rookie deal, so it would be a team-friendly contract and we’re fairly certain Bill Belichick could work out a trade with his former de facto defensive coordinator Brian Flores. There’s always the chance Rosen is traded at some point this coming season, but if he’s still on the roster after the year and it turns out Stidham is not the answer, maybe New England should turn to the No. 10 overall pick just two years ago.

2. It’s not all that much of a surprise, but it was good to hear Stidham is getting some of his pass catchers together since the team cannot gather at the Gillette Stadium facility. ESPN’s Mike Reiss reported Stidham organized a gathering with Julian Edelman, Gunner Olszewski, Damiere Byrd and three others at a private field to participate in throwing sessions. Backup QB Brian Hoyer was also present. It was already known Stidham was a leader, but this was an example that truly demonstrates it.

3. A lot has been made of the upcoming season for second-year player N’Keal Harry, but the same goes for Jakobi Meyers. Meyers could be an important part of the offense this coming season. The undrafted rookie from a year ago is looking to take the next step. "Mentally, I want to be levels ahead of where I was last year," Meyers said to "Understanding not only what we're doing but also why we're doing it. Earning trust to make the right play. I want to build on last year. It was a nice stepping stone, but I want to keep building and growing." Given the Patriots’ situation at wide out, Meyers will certainly have the opportunity to earn a role.

4. Listening and reading comments of NFL players this week discussing recent events, this quote from Benjamin Watson to NBC Sports’ Tom E. Curran stood out, "And I'll say this, I was talking to someone the other day with the team, and I was telling him just that the Patriots, I believe, have done a good job in allowing their players to get involved with issues outside of the game," Watson said. "They've provided a space. There was a bill about education that came up last year, here in Massachusetts. A number of players got on board, speaking about it and talking about it. They had support from Mr. Kraft. They had support from Coach (Bill) Belichick to go and do those things. Support from the PR department. Other teams aren't like that, so there are varying degrees of which the organization will support and understand.”

5. Speaking of recent events, the Patriots should be proud to have the McCourty twins, among others, to represent their organization. In what has been an emotional and spiritual week, the McCourty’s have done an excellent job of bringing their perspective to light in a respectful and thoughtful way. Both have done a number of media appearances over the last week ranging from their own Double Coverage Podcast to CNN.

6. With no joint practices, some preseason games could look a little bit different this summer. Think about when the Patriots play the Lions and have two coaches that are very friendly with one another. Don’t you think there could be some discussion pregame where they talk about what they want their individual teams to work on? For instance, Stidham could need more work in facing pressure, so maybe Detroit blitzes more than it would otherwise. We get a sense some preseason games, especially the first couple, could look like college spring games in a way.

7. The virtual offseason will continue at least until June 12 and then NFL teams will get the typical month-plus off ahead of training camp. Although, nothing is certain when it comes to what that will look like. As of now, it appears like training camps will still be held as scheduled, but as with anything these days that is subject to change. With all that being said, things are certainly trending in the right direction with coaches being able to return to facilities as of last week.

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