Tedy Bruschi goes after Max Kellerman: 'You’re struggling at your job a little bit'

Ryan Hannable
January 17, 2019 - 12:12 pm

Max Kellerman has been one of the most outspoken media members about the Patriots and Tom Brady falling off the cliff.

He's been at it all week, even after the Patriots' win over the Chargers in the AFC divisional round.

But, Thursday on ESPN's "First Take," former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi went at the media pundit.

“I don’t want to tell Max to stick to boxing or anything like that because you have a job to do Max, and I understand you have to talk about what you see," he said. "I just think you’re struggling at your job a little bit.”

Kellerman defended himself by saying, “I am not struggling at my job, the Patriots are talking about me.”

It appears Kellerman will not be stopping any time soon, but it seems to have only helped the Patriots with some extra motivation.

Here's the clip.

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