Tom Brady addresses rumors he and Bill Belichick were against Antonio Brown release

Ryan Hannable
September 23, 2019 - 9:29 pm

Following the release of Antonio Brown last week, there have been rumors Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were not in favor of the move, while Robert Kraft was.

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Appearing on Westwood One radio prior to Monday Night Football, Brady was asked if that was in fact true.

“I think there’s always reports and speculation about a lot of things that I have said, or have not said, or been a part of," he said. "The reality is I don’t make any personnel decisions. I don’t decide to sign players. I don’t decide to trade them. I don’t decide to release them. I don’t decide to draft them. I don’t get asked. I show up and I do my job. I am an employee like everyone else. I am going to show up this week and do the best I can do as quarterback. Maybe one day I will be an owner and I can make all the decisions that I want, but I would probably have to play another 20 years in the NFL to be able to afford that.”

Prior to the Patriots-Steelers game in Week 1 on NBC, Al Michaels relayed a conversation between the quarterback and owner where Brady said he was "a million percent in" on the move.

The 42-year-old did not want that to be made public.

“That was a private conversation that I wish had remained private," he said. "The things that I certainly have learned that are out of my control, I don’t focus on those. I try and show up every day and do the best job that I can do, which is be a great leader for the football team, to embrace my teammates and the brotherhood that we have, the challenges that we face and we try and overcome them and become the best team we can be. Every team is faced with different adversities. Some teams are 0-3 at this time. Our team has dealt with its fair share in a short period of time and we’re going to move forward and do the best we can do.”

Not only are the Patriots without Brown now, they potentially could be without Julian Edelman this week after he suffered a reported rib injury against the Jets.

“It is definitely a challenging situation that we are facing with depth and so forth." Brady said. "We are going on the road against a very good defensive football team. Any time you are dealing with injuries and lack of depth at certain positions, we’re going to try and figure out how to produce yards and points. Any time you lose great players it definitely takes a hit to your offense and the reality is we’re facing a very challenging game coming up. We’ll go do the best we can do based on the circumstances that we have.

"Again, no one is ever feeling sorry for the Patriots, nor should they. I have a job to do and I am going to try and do it with whoever is out there and I am going to do it the best I possibly can.”

The Patriots will take on the undefeated Bills Sunday afternoon in Buffalo.

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