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Tom Brady on Alex Guerrero's status with team this season: 'I don’t want to bring any drama'

Ryan Hannable
September 07, 2018 - 2:51 pm

FOXBORO -- As much as many don't want it to be, Tom Brady's personal trainer Alex Guerrero is still a storyline surrounding the Patriots, but perhaps after Friday it can be put to rest.

It appears Guerrero has had his status changed as he accompanied Brady on the team flight to Carolina for the third preseason game, a change from last year when he wasn't allowed on the plane.

Speaking Friday at Gillette Stadium, Brady was asked if he's comfortable with the current arrangement?

“Alex and I, we work together,” Brady said. “I don’t want to bring any drama this year, you know? I just want to focus on what I want to and be a great football player for this team and try and be a good example in the locker room and provide great leadership. That’s where my focus is. A lot of times, we want to talk about other things, but I just really want to stick to football and focus on being the best player I can be for this team.”

Since Brady didn't directly answer if he's comfortable with the situation, he was asked again and the 41-year-old gave a more direct answer.

“Yeah. I’m a pretty mentally tough guy, so I’ve dealt with a lot of circumstances over a long period of time," he said. "Eighteen, nineteen years. I’m really excited for the season. I’m really excited for where we’re at. Where we’re going, what we have to do. And there’s a lot of challenges we’ll face. I want to feel good. I want to be the best quarterback I can be. And that’s a big commitment. A daily effort.”

For the first time this year Brady gave something on Guerrero's status, which could mean the storyline will not be a constant topic like it has in recent weeks.

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