Tom Brady via M&C on Bill Belichick yelling at Adam Thielen: 'That was pretty funny'

Ryan Hannable
December 03, 2018 - 9:31 am

Emotions were high in Sunday's Patriots-Vikings game and that even included Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Belichick and Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielin jawed back and forth in the fourth quarter following a fourth-and-1 play where the Vikings were stopped right at the marker, but the referees gave a first down. Patrick Chung then went down with an injury forcing the game to be stopped and the Patriots getting a chance to challenge the play before the Vikings could get to the line. That was when Thielen yelled at Belichick and it appeared the Patriots coach told him to "shut the [expletive] up."

The play ultimately stayed as called and the Vikings picked up the first down.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan with Greg Dickerson Monday morning, Tom Brady was asked for his reaction of what happened and he said he's been on the receiving end of a Belichick outburst like that before.

“I’ve been on the other end of that a few times in my career," he said. "Pretty funny. … It’s competitive out there. It’s very feisty and everyone’s emotions are on their sleeves. You say something and there is just an emotional reaction. That was pretty funny.”

Brady said there have been a few Patriots players who haven't been afraid to give it right back to Belichick over the years.

“[Mike Vrabel] was pretty good, [Matt] Light was pretty good, Junior Seau was pretty good," he said. "The guys that kind of not give a you know what were the best ones with him. Julian is pretty good now. Julian [Edelman] is quick to go back at him now. It’s pretty funny.”

The Patriots were able to come away with a 24-10 win to improve to 9-3 on the year and Brady was particularly impressed with the play of the defense.

“Our defense, the way they played yesterday, it’s going to be tough for anyone to come to Foxboro and win when the defense is playing as well as they played yesterday," he said. "They really locked in. I could see it all week. They had a lot of different confusing looks for the offense and they played their butts off. It was just a great performance by them. Hopefully we can keep it going. We have two road games, which are obviously very important, and two home games that kind of wraps it up. This is the time of year where we have to really keep the foot on the gas pedal, be at our best and see if we can keep stringing these wins together.”

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