Tom Brady: Cameo in Netflix comedy was taken out of context, media at fault

Ryan Hannable
October 19, 2019 - 2:46 pm

FOXBOROUGH -- Tom Brady is not pleased with the reaction from his appearance in Netflix’s “Living With Yourself.”

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The Patriots quarterback was in a scene where he was walking out of a massage parlor (“Top Happy Spa”), which many took as taking a shot at Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The context for the scene is Brady was being cloned and the massage parlor was used as a front for the facility.

Speaking at his locker Saturday, Brady was noticeably agitated and said the media is at fault for taking the clip out of context.

Here is the complete Q&A.

Reporter: I want to ask you about this video that is making the rounds on Twitter — walking out of a massage parlor with a big grin on your face — what were you thinking?

Brady: “That is not what that was about. I think that was taken out of context, just like you are taking it out of context and trying to make it a story for yourself, which has a negative connotation to it, which I don’t appreciate. It was meant to be something different than that. The fact that it is a distraction and you’re bringing it up is not something I want to be talking about.”

Reporter: It isn’t just me. USA Today says ‘Patriots QB Tom Brady spoofs Robert Kraft with a cameo at a massage parlor.’ It is not —

Brady: “I think it is again, I think it is this type of media atmosphere that you create. The blame, shame media atmosphere that has kind of percolated for a while. I think there are a lot of things that are said that are taken out of context that (the media) chooses to make a headline out of, as opposed to understanding what it is actually about. Have you seen it?"

Reporter: I have seen the clip and I understand the background of it. I understand the context.

Brady: “OK, so it wasn’t about that, except you want to try and use something and use it to take it out of context. Is that what you choose to do in the media?”

Reporter: When did you shoot it? If you shot it in the last year, wouldn’t you know it might be construed that way?

Brady: “No. It was shot on a green screen. It was agreed to a year ago. It was written four years ago. I think again, it’s unfortunate that people would choose to think I would do something like that about Mr. Kraft. I think that is a very bad assessment of my relationship with him. I would never do that.”

Reporter: Since it came out, have you explained that to him?

Brady: “I think everybody knows what our relationship is about. For 20 years, it’s nothing but love and respect. I’ve been through a lot of tough things with him, and I love him dearly. I sympathize with a lot of things that he’s gone through in his life. I empathize with a lot of people that get taken advantage of and used. I understand that that is just what we’re living in.”

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