It’s odd Tom Brady hasn’t received contract extension from Patriots

Ryan Hannable
March 21, 2019 - 8:54 am

One of the things everyone predicted to happen this offseason when it came to the Patriots hasn’t yet occurred — a Tom Brady contract extension.

This has been discussed really since the beginning of the playoffs. Heck, even the Kraft family has said multiple times over the past few months it will likely happen, and quite frankly, it’s odd that it hasn’t.

Brady is entering the final year of his contract and has a $27 million cap hit, which is significant because the team is right up against the cap and has more moves that need to be made. The quarterback will be 42 years old next season, but has expressed a desire to play until he’s 45, and has showed no signs of severely dropping off.

Extending Brady seems like a guarantee to happen at some point, and for cap purposes if it happened now the team could use it to spread out his cap hit for this year, thus giving the team more cap space to work with. Also, typically when Brady has received extensions in the past it has been before the start of free agency.

Some have said Brady cannot be extended because of his incentives being added last summer, but our understanding is because Brady did not receive more cash after failing to reach them, his deal can be re-done within the calendar year.

And it really is hard to come up with a legitimate reason why.

One outside the box theory is Robert Kraft has been the one to negotiate recent contracts with Brady and maybe with his recent legal matter he hasn’t had the time to deal with it. 

Could it involve Rob Gronkowski not officially committing to playing in 2019 yet? Probably not.

Do the Patriots believe this is Brady’s final season? Hard to believe, and it also would still make sense to want to lower his $27 million cap hit.

Have there been negotiations and the two sides haven’t yet come to an agreement? There hasn’t been a peep of any discussions.

All of these seem unlikely, but any theory is a good one at this point. 

Of course, Brady could get an extension in the coming days and all this would mean nothing, but we’re well over a week into free agency and the most obvious move of the offseason still hasn’t happened.

So, we’re still left to wonder why.

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