Tom Brady on M&C details playing golf with Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush on day he missed OTAs

Ryan Hannable
December 03, 2018 - 11:20 am

Over the weekend, Tom Brady was one of many to reflect on the passing of George H.W. Bush, as he posted a picture of himself to Instagram golfing with Bush, Bill Clinton and Jim Nantz in Maine.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan with Greg Dickerson Monday, Brady shared more about that day in 2006, which he apparently skipped OTAs for.

"It was during the OTAs and I asked Coach Belichick if I could go and he allowed me to miss a day of practice," Brady said. "I flew up there and landed on their property and played golf with President Clinton and President Bush and Jim Nantz, who's a good friend of President Bush's. He had a putting green right outside of his house and we went out on his boat. He was kind of captaining the boat and then had a chance to get dinner with President Clinton and President Bush. We played golf the next day. It was just a great experience."

Brady added: "I was so young at the time. I didn't have kind of the perspective that I have now. We played cards at night. It was very cool. It was a fun round of golf. President Clinton took the golf much more seriously than President Bush. We had secret service following us around the golf course. It was a very, very unique experience."

The Patriots quarterback noted he kept in touch with Bush and was able to catch up a few times when the Patriots played in Houston.

"I've always kind of kept in touch," Brady said. "When we've gone to Houston, he's come to games and I've stopped outside the locker room and seen him a few times. He's such a big sports fan. It was just really cool to get a chance to know him and certainly, he's in a more restful place now."

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