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Tom Brady discusses how good he feels after nine games

Ryan Hannable
November 09, 2018 - 9:06 am

With the Patriots' bye week coming next week, that means Tom Brady and the rest of his teammates have been going non-stop since training camp without any time off.

Nine straight games certainly can take its toll on players, especially someone like Brady who is 41 years old, but speaking to Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio prior to Thursday Night Football, the quarterback said that actually is not the case.

“You know what? I’m actually feeling really good," he said. "I was talking with my body coach, Alex Guerrero, at TB12 Sports Therapy Center. And, you know, we work so hard over the course of the year to prepare my body, and I have such an efficient process. And, you know, this time of year I actually feel like my body is really broken in, so to speak, to football season. And it’s doing what I am asking it to do. So I’ve been able to practice every single day this year, and I feel like I am sharp at practice. You know, my mind’s sharp, my body’s sharp, and I really want to be prepared these last seven weeks of the season to be my best that I have had all season, and I think we’re going in that direction.”

Last year there was so much talk surrounding Gurrerro, but this year not much at all.

“I think over the last couple of years there’s been so much talk and so much of it is things that we haven’t said but that people may insinuate or make assumptions about personal relationships and so forth,” Brady said. “We’ve always been about winning. We’ve always been about putting the team first. And we’ve always had a great relationship. We work hard. We want to win. We’ve been at the same organization for a long time, and I think all of us at the Patriots are happy that we’re in the position we’re in with our best football and the biggest games still ahead of us.”

As for Bill Belichick, some have speculated he's gone a little easier on the team this year, but Brady maintains he's "as sharp a critic as ever."

“He’s been very consistent all season long, and what he does such a great job of is creating the urgency that we need,” he said. “And there’s never an off day that we have. Every day the pressure is on us to perform at a very high level. And we’ve been able to do that the last six weeks, which has led to a lot of wins. And he’s as sharp a critic as ever when we don’t meet his expectations. So those thing never change.”

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