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Tom Brady doesn't appear thrilled with refs following loss to Panthers

Ryan Hannable
October 02, 2017 - 10:10 am

The Patriots fell to the Panthers 33-30 on Sunday, falling to 2-2 on the season and 1-2 at home.

In the loss, the Patriots were flagged seven times for 55 yards, while the Panthers were flagged one time for 33 yards.

Speaking Monday morning on Kirk & Callahan, Tom Brady said he felt the referees were calling it tight on the Patriots.

“Yeah, I mean they called it pretty tight on us yesterday," Brady said. "I’ve watched the film a bunch of times. We just didn’t get the calls. I guess they got the calls and we didn’t get them. I don’t know what to say. Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] is doing what he’s got to do to get open. There was such minimal contact and the ref just felt, they were cued up ready to throw it. It is what it is. We didn’t get it. We overcame that one and the one to Danny [Amendola], we didn’t overcome. Danny is just trying to get across the guy's face. The guy kind of contacted him, Danny is trying to shed him on his route. I don’t know what they can do more than that.

"Some weeks you get those calls, some weeks you don’t. We just didn’t get them yesterday, but still we’re not making any excuse. We didn’t get the job done offensively, defensively, special teams — I mean we just have to collectively do a better job if we’re going to win these games.”

Brady is referring to two penalties in which the Patriots were called for offensive pass interference -- one on Gronkowski and another on Amendola.

The quarterback also pointed out Jerome Berger's crew has called more penalties on the Patriots than their opponent on numerous occasions. Despite that, it isn't an excuse for the loss and Brady knows the team needs to have more urgency going forward.

“Again, they were calling it tight on us," he said. "From previous [games], that crew has called much more penalties on us than the other team. We just have to figure out how to play and tighten it up. If we don’t get the calls, we don’t get them, we still have to go out and play better than we’ve played. It’s just about us doing our job better, all of us. And we can. It’s not like that was the best game we could possibly play and we lost.

"I think we all know we can play better and if we play better we’ll win. It’s got to be done, just not talked about. That brings more urgency to everything we’re doing — the meetings, the practices, the games. We can’t let up for one second. We have to keep pushing each other to be at our best. Hopefully over the course of the next three months we can rise to a much higher level than we’re at high now.”

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