Tom Brady explains why he doesn't mind Thursday night games

Ryan Hannable
October 07, 2019 - 11:42 am

The majority of NFL players do not like playing on Thursday Night Football, but Tom Brady is not one of them.

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“I don’t mind them," he said Monday on The Greg Hill Show. "I have played quite a few over the course of my career dating back to Thanksgiving day games. My rookie year we played there, I think 2002 we may have played in Detroit. We played there quite a bit. We got used to them and then they made every team have a Thursday night game. If you handle it and you use your preparation wisely and you can go get a win, I think it’s pretty cool on the backend to have the weekend to rest and recover.

"I kind of line up and play when they us to play — Monday night, Sunday night, Sunday day, Thursday night. Playing football is something I love doing. If you schedule it, I’ll be there.”

Brady also spoke on the number of 1 o'clock games the team has had so far this season, which has helped him stay fresh.

“One thing that actually has been great to start the season is we’ve had a lot of 1 o’clock games," he said. "You come off the preseason where you basically play at night and you don’t get any good sleep any of those four preseason games -- those nights to the regular season where you basically have 1 o’clock games outside of the opener. We got home at a decent time. It actually feels pretty good. I got a good night’s sleep and we obviously have a very quick turnaround and we have to put a lot of time and energy really from now up until game time to get ready for our next game.”

The Patriots will host the Giants on Thursday Night Football and then don't play a 1 o'clock game again until December.

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