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Tom Brady explains in detail how his routine is benefiting him late in season: 'I would say I feel 100 percent'

Ryan Hannable
December 14, 2018 - 8:26 am

Tom Brady and the rest of the players in the NFL have played 14 games and almost all are dealing with some sort of injury just because of the grind of the season, but according to Brady, not him.

Appearing on Westwood One Radio with Jim Gray prior to Thursday Night Football, Brady explained how his extensive workout routine pays off now that the season is in the home stretch.

“So much of playing a physical, contact sport is dealing with the contact, and some people deal with it better than others," he said. "I have had a long history of learning what to do and what not to do. I think I know how to deal with it better than most. I work a lot with Alex [Guerrero], who I have talked extensively about. I have a really great disciplined routine that allows me to continue to take the hits and absorb the forces. 

“My body feels great. I am in the 14th week of the year and I would say I feel 100 percent. I go out to practice. I practice as hard as I can. I feel great. I am ready for the next day. I don’t feel any different from day-to-day. It’s really encouraging. I know what I do works. It is just a great advantage for me as I move into the later parts of the season when I know other guys aren’t feeling as great as I am.”

After it was reported Thursday that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has a fracture in his back, how does Brady take all these hits over the years and avoid serious injury? The 41-year-old explained.

“First of all, I have been doing it a long time, so your body gets used to the hits," he said. "The brain understands the position you are putting your body into and my brain is wired for contact. I would say in some ways it is become [immune] to hits. Based on all the pliability treatments that I do my muscles just absorb the forces and disburse the forces as well as they ever have. I take hits better now at 41 than I did when I was 25. I really train that way. I have made it a real priority in my life. I think about it on a daily basis.

"It’s so important for me because I realize when I look around the locker room, I look around at other guys in the league, and I realize they are playing at such a disadvantage because of what I am able to do and how I am able to treat my body. It gives me a lot of confidence when I look at certain hits I take in a game on film and people go, ‘God, did that hurt a lot?’ and I will say, ‘No, I didn’t even really feel it.’ It is just from all the work I am putting in, understanding the things I need to do to prepare my body. I do it year round. It really works for anything. It works for me for football. Skiing I feel the same way. I could play basketball, any activity that I want to do, I feel like my body is so prepared to do it.”

Brady and the Patriots will be going for their 10th win of the year Sunday in Pittsburgh.

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