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Tom Brady following Rob Gronkowski 1-game suspension: 'I support Rob'

Ryan Hannable
December 04, 2017 - 9:27 pm

On Monday afternoon, word came down that Rob Gronkowski would be suspended one game for his late hit to the back of the head of the Bills' Tre'Davious White.

Speaking on Westwood One prior to Monday Night Football, Tom Brady reacted to the one-game ban, which Gronkowski reportedly is appealing.

"It's an emotional game and the emotions got the best of Rob," Brady said. "I'm disappointed that he won't be out there with us on Monday night. I think he's appealing it, but we'll see how that goes. I support Rob. I love Rob. He's been such a great supporter of mine. He knows I'm always here for him."

Gronkowski was frustrated with the officiating in the game, as on that particular play he felt there should have been defensive pass interference called. On Kirk & Callahan Monday morning, Brady said Gronkowski has reason to be frustrated with the way the calls go sometimes.

“I think for him it is frustrating," Brady said. "He’s 270 pounds, so when they put a 190-pound player on him, any time there’s any contact just by inertia, the other defender is going to move. You basically limit it to a non-contact play and it’s just try to out quick someone, which obviously those guys are a lot quicker. Gronk tries to get as close as he can to use his size, but the refs, they throw a lot of flags on him. He’s tried to change his style of play a little bit, but I think he obviously gets grabbed and held all day long. I’d say it is very frustrating for him to get these pass interference calls and he’s getting held the whole game and he doesn’t get a call. I can see why he’s very frustrated. It’s frustrating for everybody.”

Gronkowski will miss Monday night's game in Miami.

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