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Tom Brady gets testy when asked about Alex Guerrero's access reportedly being restricted

Ryan Hannable
December 22, 2017 - 3:02 pm

FOXBORO -- Friday was not a typical news conference for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 

The quarterback got asked multiple questions about his personal trainer Alex Guerrero following a Boston Globe report this week, and Brady even got testy at one point.

The Boston Globe published a story reporting Bill Belichick has restricted Guerrero’s access to the team recently, barring him from the team flight to road games and appearing on the sidelines before and during games. Even though he works with numerous Patriots players, Guerrero is now also only permitted to treat Brady at his private office in Gillette Stadium. Other players need to go to the TB12 Center at Patriot Place.

Brady was asked if Guerrero's access being changed impacts him on game days?

"I don’t think about it," Brady said. "I’ve got enough things to think about, so I’m going to go try and win an important game and do what I always do."

Then things got testy, especially for Brady standards, who rarely goes back-and-forth with the media.

Here's how the exchange went.

Q: How did you react when Bill told you he was going to do that?
TB: "I don’t really agree with your question, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. How do you know what he said?"

Q: So are you saying the report that the access was —
TB: “I am not saying anything. I mean, how do you say that he said anything. You don’t know anything about that.”

Q: Bill never told you that he was removing Alex from the sidelines or the team flights?
TB: "Well, I have a lot of conversations with him. Those are private between he and I, and I don’t think anyone knows what we talk about. Certainly I’ve never talked about it. He’s never talked about it."

Brady was later asked if with everything that has happened, is there any strain on he and Belichick's relationship?

“No, I just try and show up and do the right thing and try and win football games," he said. "I let my play do the talking. I try and go out there and prepare hard every week. I put everything into it. That is where my focus is and it’s not much beyond that.”

As for Guerrero working with so many players and there potentially being a distraction with the team trainers, Brady said it's up to the individual players and how they want to handle things.

“I think you’d have to ask a lot of those people those things," Brady said. "Everyone knows my relationship with Alex and like I said, I just try and do what works for me. Everyone needs to do what works for them. I don’t think it is anymore complicated than that. The whole goal for me is to go out there and play and help the team win. I do the best I can to do that and it’s kind of what I have always done.”

It's hard to know exactly how Brady feels about the situation and his relationship with Belichick with what he said, but given how he got testy on the subject matter, it clearly shows he's passionate about the matter.