Tom Brady gives insight on identity of Patriots offense

Ryan Hannable
November 16, 2019 - 9:51 am

FOXBOROUGH — It’s Week 11 of the NFL and the question is worth being asked: what is the identity of the Patriots offense?

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It’s certainly not like last season when it was the running game, and Tom Brady and the passing game hasn’t exactly clicked consistently this season. 

So, are the Patriots still trying to find their identity?

“Yeah, I would say that,” Brady said Friday. “… But those things happen a lot and they change over the course of the whole season anyway. So, they may be that way Week 9, but you could 'feel like you have it figured out' two weeks from now and then someone gets injured and then you’ve got to start again. So, a lot of teams I’ve been on, you just keep trying to figure it out week to week, because the matchup is a little different, we’re going to have to do some different things, we know they have some strengths and we’re going to have to understand what those are. 

“We’ve got to adapt and our players have to adapt and the scheme has to adapt. Then we have to go out and execute. I think, you’re right, we’re a game plan team and I think that’s a real strength of ours and we’ve got to continue to make that a strength by embracing the challenges that each team really presents to us.”

Brady confirmed having an identity matters, but it can constantly change.

“Absolutely. But again, I think those things change, too,” he said. “Yeah, you’d like to rely on a lot of things – you wish, “Oh, we’ll throw for 300 every week and we’ll rush for 150 and every time we call this play it will work.” But then it’s like, how are we going to do that? And I think that’s how you have to focus on – how we’re going to do those things, how we’re going to accomplish them. We’d love to be able to count on everything, but they have a lot of good players too, so they make it pretty challenging.”

Based on what we’ve seen, the Ravens game may have best shown what the Patriots’ identity is — short, quick passes that slowly and methodically move the ball down the field. 

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