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Despite being in 3 different cities, Brady, Garoppolo, Brissett remain tight

Ryan Hannable
August 16, 2018 - 9:36 am

Just a year ago, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett made up the Patriots quarterbacks room.

Now, a year later, the trio is in three different cities with Garoppolo on the West Coast in San Francisco and Brissett in Indianapolis. 

In just over a year together, the three formed a strong bond and called themselves “The Wolfpack,” inspired by The Hangover, which Brady made reference to with an Instagram post following the 2016 AFC championship.

Even though they are no longer together on a daily basis, the three still keep in touch via group text.

“We always throw out jokes and stuff like that,” Garoppolo said to “It was a good group of guys. I love those guys. Fun guys to be in the same room with. It was a good time.”

“It’s the same humor that we shared in the QB room,” he added. “It was just three guys that all got along very well. We played off each other well, too. It was funny.”

All three quarterbacks contributed to the Super Bowl LI winning team, but their relationship goes beyond football and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go away.

“We’re still close,” Brissett said to “I don’t think we need to be around each other to be tight.”

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