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Tom Brady on K&C acknowledges Patriots made concerted effort to make more explosive plays in passing game this year

Ryan Hannable
November 20, 2017 - 9:57 am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Kirk & Callahan on Monday morning to discuss Sunday's win over the Raiders in Mexico City, but also to look ahead to the rest of the season. To hear the complete interview, visit the Kirk & Callahan audio on demand page.

A major part of the Patriots offense this season has been the ability to hit on some deep passes, which was shown with Brandin Cook's 64-yard touchdown on Sunday. For the year, Brady has 11 passing plays of 40 yards or more and likely will come close to setting a career-high, which is 15 set in 2007.

The quarterback said this was a concerted effort by the offense going into the year.

“You are always trying to work on that," Brady said. "I mean, it’s not one particular year. I think that has been a concerted effort by our entire offense of trying to make more explosive plays in the pass game. Sometimes your offense is built differently. We actually have guys now that can really get down the field so that becomes more of a point of emphasis. I mean, the way Brandin [Cooks] runs, the way Chris Hogan runs, the way Phillip Dorsett runs, they are very fast. You need to be able to take advantage of their skill set. I think our team has always done good job — I mean, when we had David Patten we were throwing it deep, but David Patten didn’t run a lot of short routes. I would say Brandin Cooks in general, he doesn’t run a lot of short routes. Everyone has a different role.

"If we can get by you, I think that is a great place to throw the ball. If we can’t, you have to figure out ways to throw it underneath and I think different weeks are going to call for different things based on the strengths and weaknesses of the defense we are playing. I just feel like I try and read it out and make a good throw every time. Obviously, when you’re throwing the ball 50-60 yards down the field, your chances of completion go down, but if you hit it, it ends up being a very explosive play and you can change field position and really get a defense on its heals if they have to defend every blade of grass on the field.”

Even without Hogan the offense seems to be clicking, as it was the second straight game the team has put up more than 30 points.

“Again, it is a week-to-week thing," Brady said. "I think we are a versatile offense and I think we are showing we can win in a variety of different ways. I am really proud of us winning on the road. That is a hard thing to do. It’s been awhile since we’ve lost. It just doesn’t magically happen. Going on the road and winning in the NFL is always tough. We have to always find different ways to win. I think the game plan’s are a little different.

"Yesterday’s game plan was different than what it was against Denver because you face a different opponent that has different strengths and the matchups are different. I think the versatility in our personnel, we’re kind of learning how to do things more efficiently. Hopefully we can get some guys healthy. We have quite a few guys out and at some point it would be great to have everyone out there — have a great mix of receiver, tight end, running back, a healthy O-line. I don’t know if we will ever get to that point, but it would be a great thing. In the meantime, we just have to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Leading into the game against the Raiders, the Patriots stayed in Colorado Springs the entire week. Brady didn't think it played a major part in how the team played Sunday, but did help with some aspects.

“It was a good experience being out there at the Air Force Academy," he said. "It cut down on some of the travel, and obviously with the elevation it was something new for all of us to experience. I am glad we put it together on Sunday. The opponent is always the team you are facing and not elevation or the weather conditions, or the refs, or the fans. It is always the opponent. I was glad we really focused on what we needed to do to win the game, opposed to external things where there’s some stuff made of that, but ultimately what really counts is how we go out and play.”

Mexico became the third country Brady has played a NFL game in and the quarterback seemed to enjoy the experience.

“I enjoy it. I think it is a good opportunity," he said. "You have different experiences over the course of your career — being to London twice and now Mexico City. I think those are great cultural experiences in general and great experiences for our team to travel to different places. Maybe a little bit out of our comfort zone and a little outside our routine, but we were away for I think 10 days. We all had a lot of time to be together. Hopefully that serves us well down the stretch."

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