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Tom Brady on K&C details chemistry with Julian Edelman, how he will be so hard to replace

Ryan Hannable
August 28, 2017 - 8:05 am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Kirk & Callahan on Monday morning to talk a number of things, including Julian Edelman's injury and how the team will attempt to overcome it. To hear the complete interview, visit the Kirk & Callahan audio on demand page.

Edelman tore his ACL Friday night against the Lions in the third preseason game and will miss the entire year. Given Brady's history with him and his importance to the offense, he won't be an easy player to replace.

“When you have that level of experience of game situations, practices, we’ve had so many hours of time together talking about routes and situations," Brady said. "So much of quarterback-receiver relationship is about trust and I see things a certain way and the receivers need to see it the exact same way in order for me to really anticipate where to go with the ball. He and I just have had that. We’ve worked together since — this is our ninth year on the same team and talking about the same offense. We’re so in sync.

"We have to find a different way to do it. I mean obviously with Danny [Amendola], I’ve had that with Danny. Danny has been such a great player for us. Hogs [Chris Hogan], he’s had a great camp. Brandin Cooks has done a great job. Malcolm [Mitchell], when he has been out there, I have a lot of trust in him. All the backs and tight ends, we’re just going to have to pick up the slack. The production has to come from a different place. I know Jules usually gets a lot of looks. Makes a lot of catches for us. It has to be distributed somewhere else. Injuries are tough. It’s part of the game and we just have to try and overcome it.”

Although he and Edelman are so close, from a football standpoint the quarterback realizes he needs to move on quickly, which is sometimes hard to do.

“It’s part of it," he said. "I have been apart of that quite a bit at different times. When Logan Mankins got traded to Tampa, when guys on defense, that’s happened. Some of that happens by injury, some of that happens in the offseason. It’s a challenging part of the job, it really is. In my 18th year, it certainly isn't that easy. I don’t think you should take those things well. You hate to see guys get injured. You hate to see guys that you’ve had so much experience with get injured. I think just because there is so much dependability and trust. You’ve been through these things. You know what you can count on. I think it was pretty tough. That was a tough night for me the other night and it still is.

"We haven’t even had the chance to practice, but I owe it to the team. Coach always says it, we just have to keep going. At different times we’ve gone different ways without certain key players. We’re going to be tested this year. We’re going to be tested early. I am sure he’s not going to be the only one that gets injured over the course of the year. Every team has injuries so they are dealing with the same thing. No one is going to feel sorry for us. We have to understand this is where we’re at and this is how we have to get the job done and work as hard as we can at it.”

Brady knows how important this week is since it is their first chance to practice without Edelman and the season opener is just 10 days away.

“This is going to be an important week for us to kind of adjust and see where we’re at and then we’re obviously right into — Thursday night at 11 o’clock starts our game week preparation for KC," he said. "They are a big challenge. They were a great team last year. I have already done a lot of studying on them. They are a great challenge out of the box. Like I said, no one feels sorry for the Patriots. We’re going to keep getting back to work and seeing what we can do and get better and make the improvements we need to make and be ready to go in 10 days.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Patriots news, visit the team page.

On Edelman's recovery: “For him, he’s tough. He’s a tough guy, man. He’s fought through other injuries, nothing like I don’t think to this extent. He’s got a great work ethic. He’ll overcome it. I think people have gotten pretty good at overcoming these injuries — knee injuries, surgery and so forth. He’ll work hard. It happened in August, so whenever he has surgery he will have a long time before next season starts. He will put the work in that is required. It’s a tough injury being through it. It happened to me going into my ninth year and it happened to him going into his ninth year. I haven’t had any problems. Obviously, it is a different position, but he’ll overcome it.”

On if he will promote his new book in-season: “No, the short answer is not really. I told them I am focused on what I have to do. Everything is putting energy out. Every time you’re doing something that isn’t football related it takes away from what we’re doing in the season. I’ll be really focused on what my job is as quarterback and let everyone else handle the things they need to handle. I’ve done some things in the offseason, but I am really focused on this season and what I need to do for the team. We all have lives and obligations and other things over the course of the year. You can’t stop everything, but that was one thing I could stop and really say, ‘No, this is what I have to do. I don’t have any time to go do any promotions.’"

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