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Tom Brady via K&C discusses Josh McDaniels potentially leaving Patriots for head-coaching job

Ryan Hannable
January 03, 2018 - 7:04 am

It appears more than any other year, there's a good probability offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaves New England to take a head-coaching job. McDaniels reportedly will interview with the Colts, Bears and Giants over the next few days.

Appearing on Kirk & Callahan Wednesday morning, Tom Brady said he understands why the Patriots coaches have been targeted by other teams and everything will take care of itself. 

“I haven’t spoken to Josh about that, but I can understand obviously why people would have those guys at the top of their list," Brady said. "Josh has done an incredible job. He’s an incredible coach and a great friend. This is that time of year where coaches get an opportunity. A lot of coaches got fired and that means other guys will get hired. You want to take the good ones. We have some great coaches and Josh has been such a great coach for me. All those things sort themselves out. I am sure he will be focused on our team and what he needs to do to help us win just like everyone else will when the time comes.”

Both McDaniels and Matt Patricia have been with the Patriots in their current roles for six seasons and Brady noted how important that continuity has been when it comes to the overall success of the team.

"Continuity is such a key to success," he said. "I think from the pro level down to the college level there’s so much more of that now, which I guess is good for the teams that can keep the continuity. I think in a way that has been really great for us. I think it’s hard for a player, hard for coaches, if you have to restart every couple of years, but that’s the NFL. Maybe it has always been like that, I don’t know. You certainly feel that way now. There’s always a bunch of coaches that are coming and going. We’ve had great continuity and it’s been great. It’s really a credit to our coaches, our players and organization for being able to keep everyone together. I think you keep everyone together by winning. There’s a lot of things that go into winning and losing games. I feel like we’ve had a great run and the continuity is great. Hopefully we can keep it going.”

Besides McDaniels, Patricia has received interest from the Giants, Lions and Cardinals.

These coaches will conduct their interviews this week, as the Patriots do not play until Jan. 13 when they host their divisional round game at Gillette Stadium.