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Tom Brady via K&C: 'I don’t have any insight' on Bill Belichick-Alex Guerrero relationship

Ryan Hannable
November 06, 2017 - 8:31 am

Last week in an ESPN The Magazine feature, a friend of Bill Belichick said, “there's a collision coming” between he and Tom Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero. The story goes on to say Guerrero has blamed the team's trainers for injuries some of his clients have suffered.

Guerrero, although not on the team staff, travels to away games with the team and is on the sidelines. He also is in the locker room on a number of occasions during the season.

On Kirk & Callahan Monday morning, Tom Brady was asked about the story.

“No, I don’t have any insight," he said.

Added Brady on if there's any issue between the two: “I have no idea.”

The quarterback did say Guerrero and the team trainers do different things.

Brady then went in-depth on his training routine and noted he believes all injuries can't be prevented, but you can reduce the chances.

“I took a helmet to my knee," Brady said about his ACL tear in 2008. "My knee could not absorb the amount of force that was placed on it. Ultimately, that is what I believe injuries are. There is a contact or a force that exceeds what your body can handle. I have thought about injuries where instead of waiting to get injured, which has been very traditional in athletics, you go as hard as you can and once you get injured you now do something about it. My belief is why don’t we try and do something about it before we get injured because you do all of these things when you get injured to try and get back to full strength.

"If you can start to think about recovery because you get injured, I believe I have a great baseline for what my body is able to do and absorb so I know when I go out and try and play on a Sunday I can probably take a certain level of force to my body. If it exceeds that I probably will get injured. If it doesn’t, which hopefully I have trained my body to absorb whatever amount of force I take, then I will get up and I still will get treatment from Alex after the game or on Monday and Tuesday, I will get back to a great baseline before I start practice on Wednesday.

"… My body feels pretty good. When people ask me how I feel, at this point I feel great, I really do. After a few days off my body feels great. I feel prepared for the second half of the season, which is really what I am training for. That is what I train for in the offseason.”

Brady also said he believes if he didn't change his routine he wouldn't be playing in the NFL because his throwing arm would hurt so much.

“I spoke to that in the book that I wrote about my right arm," he said. "I don’t think I could have sustained playing quarterback with my right arm had I not changed my routine because I just couldn’t throw. It just hurt too much to throw. That would suck for a quarterback. I changed the things I did, realized, ‘Wow, that worked for my arm. Let me try and work on other parts of my body.’ I am able to run, I am able to drop, I am able to practice all the time. I am able to all the time and the reason why that is important is you can’t make improvements if you’re not out there practicing.

"I feel like as I have gotten older I have wanted to stay out there and work with the other players and trainers and try and throw and try and keep working on pocket movement. I obviously have never been one to run a 4.8 [40-yard dash], but I have tried to maintain what I had and I think it has just gotten more efficient and it has worked well. I can continue to do those things. My routine works for me and I obviously have strong feelings about how I prepare and why would I get off that now. I see so many players get injured on a weekly basis in the NFL.  I can go out to practice every Wednesday without being sore and so I go, ‘OK, I’ll just keep doing what I am doing.’ It is funny because it makes so much sense to me. Sometimes I go, ‘Man, why doesn’t anyone else get this. This is so simple.’ … I have been doing it for so long, it’s just part of my routine. I have been doing it 12-13 years."