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Tom Brady on M&C explains why Patriots desperately need a running game

Ryan Hannable
November 26, 2018 - 10:01 am

While the Patriots have Tom Brady and a prolific passing game, the running game may be more important when it comes to the overall success of the offense.

It's not a coincidence the team has won 14 straight regular-season games when rushing for more than 100 yards as a team. In the 27-13 win over the Jets Sunday, the offense totaled 215 yards on the ground, including 133 from Sony Michel.

“It does a lot for us," Brady said Monday on Mut and Callahan. "The running game and them respecting what we’re doing in the running game helps play-action, helps get matchups and so forth. It’s just a great way to control the game when you can run it. We ran it so well yesterday.”

Brady added: “Hopefully we can keep it going. Hopefully we can get that part of the game [to] become real consistent for us. When you can count on that many yards of production, or 100, 150 yards of production in the run game, then you are looking at 250, 300 [yards] in the passing game and that is a good day. If you get 50 yards rushing and even if you throw for 300, you have 350 yards of production, which is a very average day for the offense. You have to be able to do both.”

The Patriots entered the game with a 1-3 record on the road this season, so just getting a win away from home against a divisional opponent was a major accomplishment.

“It was more the way we wanted to play," Brady said. "Less turnovers. A little better on third down. We could have done better in the red area and scored more points, but just a good win to go on the road and beat the Jets. Start off from behind, and come from behind early and play a solid game all the way around was great for us.”

A major negative in the game was the number of penalties, as the Patriots were called for a season-high 11 totaling 105 yards. Brady seemed to disagree with a few of the calls, including an early offensive pass interference call against James White.

“I have no idea how they called that. He didn’t even touch him. That particular one, I didn’t really understand," Brady said. "The other ones, I didn’t really see the chop block or the holding. They get some wrong. They get most of them right. It’s a tough job. The ones I don’t understand are the ones where to me there is no penalty and they call it. I don’t know how you throw a flag when it doesn’t happen because you don’t see it, but sometimes I think they see a reaction and throw it. I think they even out over the course of the year.”

The Patriots are now 8-3 on the year and will host the Vikings next Sunday.

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