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Tom Brady reacts to being ranked dead-last in QB rating against blitz: 'I haven’t studied that as much'

Ryan Hannable
November 14, 2018 - 3:08 pm

FOXBORO -- Through 10 games, Tom Brady hasn't played close to his MVP level of a year ago.

In fact, he ranks dead-last among quarterbacks in one statistical category according to one media outlet -- quarterback rating against the blitz.

ESPN's NFL Matchup has Brady ranked as the worst in the league in the NFL when it comes to quarterback rating against the blitz at 59.6.

Brady was asked about it on Wednesday, speaking at Gillette Stadium before getting a few days off with the bye week.

“Any time you are last in the league in anything probably isn’t very good. I haven’t studied that as much," he said. "I think if they blitz, it gives us great opportunities to make plays. If we’re not doing that we need to figure out how to do it. I think if you rush, three, or four, or five, there’s going to be opportunities really in any case. It is just what you do with those opportunities. Hopefully we can figure that out and get out of the basement, work our way up.”

The quarterback also said it isn't one person or thing that can correct this -- it's everyone.

“Every position needs to sure things up," Brady said. "The reality is for the quarterback I can do what  I need to do and I need to sure things up with what I can do. And the different positions do the same thing. It’s part of what this week is all about — looking at what you’re doing, what the rest of the team is doing, how my position fits into the rest of the offense and that goes for every player. I don’t think any player is really satisfied. I think we’re all looking to get better and improve.

"Again, we have some opportunity to do that. Still a lot of football left. Hopefully we can make the most of this week. Use the weekend to get our minds and bodies refreshed and then be ready to go for a great division road game against the Jets, which is always a tough place to play and see if we can use the things we’ve learned. They are off too, so they are probably doing the same thing and it is a tough place to play. Tough environment, but we have to go out and be ready to go. Hopefully we can put on a great performance."

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