Tom Brady via GHS recalls lesson from Bill Belichick on avoiding hits following Josh Allen injury

Ryan Hannable
September 30, 2019 - 9:19 am

One of the bigger stories from Sunday's 16-10 Patriots win over the Bills was the hit Jonathan Jones put on Bills quarterback Josh Allen, which knocked him from the game with a head injury in the fourth quarter.

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Bills coach Sean McDermott wasn't pleased afterwards, saying he thought Jones should have been ejected.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Tom Brady said he hates to see injuries and the play reminded him of a hit he took in Buffalo (video at bottom of post) as a young player and then a lesson Bill Belchick taught him after the game.

“I saw the play happen. You never like to see anyone get hurt out there. Football is a contact sport. It’s part of football," Brady said. "The reality is my career started when Drew [Bledsoe> got hit on the sideline. Drew was running for a first down and the defensive players, they are very fast and physical. Actually, I had a play like that up in Buffalo early on in my career. I was scrambling up the right side and tried to hold onto the ball and I tried to slide late. A guy hit me and my helmet flew off about 10 yards away. It kind of riled up their whole sideline.

"I remember the next day, Coach Belichick said to me, and I will never forget this, he said, ‘Hey Brady, if you want to have a career in this league, when you’re running like that you either throw the ball away or slide.’ I will never forget Coach Belichick telling me that.

"I am kind of thinking of that. A lot of quarterbacks who do run, you are trying to make yards and it is great, but at the same time you are susceptible to big hits. Again, whether it is flagged or not, or a penalty, a lot of the rules have changed over the years, but from a quarterback’s standpoint, I feel it is always best to try and be available to the team and take risk-reward and so forth. Again, nobody likes to see anyone get hurt out there. From my own experience, I try and do my best to avoid and big shots like that.”

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