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Tom Brady shares what Bill Belichick's message was following loss to Dolphins

Ryan Hannable
December 11, 2018 - 10:03 am

Sunday was one of the toughest losses the Patriots have had to deal with over the years, especially in the regular season.

So, what was Bill Belichick's message to the team?

“One thing about Coach Belichick is he’s so even-keeled," Tom Brady said Monday night to Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio. "When we win he brings us back down to Earth. When we lose, he tells us the truth. That is what we like about him and we don’t always do the right things as players. He knows that. Everyone is trying to get it right. The reality is that is sports. The NFL is an extremely difficult, competitive business.

"If you look around the league at all the different games [Sunday], there’s a lot of teams and a lot of games that you just would have thought, ‘Wow, there’s no way they should have lost that game’ or an incredible play at the end of a game that changes it. Like the Chiefs play, where it looks like the Ravens were going to wrap it up. It just doesn’t happen that way. This is the NFL. Nothing surprises me. I wish we would have won [Sunday], that would have been great for our team. I thought we played really well in a lot of areas. We just came up a couple of plays short.”

Of course, everyone is talking about the final play in which Rob Gronkowski was in the game over Devin McCourty. Brady was asked if Belichick put the team in the best position to win, and he said everyone wishes they could have done things better.

“I think he always takes accountability when we lose," Brady said. "He wishes things he could have done better. There’s things I wish I could have done better. It’s not one play. You can obviously point to one play at end of the game, which was a play that was a statistical anomaly. It’s incredibly hard to pull off. We practice those plays, too. It’s just hard to ultimately score the touchdown. There’s a lot more than that one play. There’s another 59.5 minutes that go into the game that we’re all apart of. Everyone loves to point at one play, one player, this, that, but the reality is football is the ultimate team sport and we as a team have always tried to rebound from really tough losses. This was a tough one. We had another pretty tough one last year that we rebounded from and we’ll see if we can do that again this week.”

The Patriots will take on the Steelers in Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon.

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