Tom Brady on GHS: I hope to play Thursday vs. Panthers

Ryan Hannable
August 20, 2019 - 8:57 am

Tom Brady, and the majority of the starters for that matter, have not played in the first two preseason games this summer.

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That should change Thursday night when the Patriots host the Panthers in the third preseason game, which many refer to as the "dress rehearsal" for the regular season.

Nothing has been announced on who will or won't play in the contest, but appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, Brady indicated he would like to play.

“I hope so," the quarterback said. "I hope so. Again, we had practice yesterday and we have practice today and then we will see what coach decides. I hope to be out there. We’ll see what happens.”

It's likely Brady and the other starters didn't play against the Lions or Titans because of joint practices leading up to the game, but with no joint sessions this week, it is very likely most players see some action Thursday night at Gillette Stadium.

Brady also hit on a couple other topics surrounding the team/league.

On what makes Mike Vrabel a good head coach: “I think the same attributes that made him a great player. He’s very well-prepared, hard-working, tough, sets a great example, no excuses. When I played with Mike, every day was a competition. He played scout team safety. He was just the ultimate competitor. We had a lot of guys at that time, and still do, guys like Rodney (Harrison), Willie (McGinest), Tedy (Bruschi), Ty Law -- they set the tone every day. I think that is what makes a great leader — consistency and showing up to work and holding people accountable whether you are a player or a coach. Those things definitely can carry over. There’s been a lot of successful players that have become coaches and Mike obviously is off to a great start to his coaching career and being a head coach at his age. He’s a great leader of men.”

On having Jerod Mayo and Troy Brown on staff this summer: “It is really special I think because they were great players and they were great leaders. For them to transition and pass on their knowledge in a different way, it’s a great advantage to the guys on our team when you have experience you can convey that experience. A lot of teams don’t get that type of experience because there’s so much turnover, carryover and you don’t see a lot of former players back there in the same offense coaching the same things they were coached. Those guys are great assets to the team because they can hear what is being coached, they can see what the player is doing, they can give the players different insights they can apply on the field in real time to make the right decision and the right play. You don’t have all the time in the world as a football player to make decisions, these are split-second decisions that need to be made and if your coaches can help you get to those decisions quicker and you can make the decisions right more often than wrong, it’s a huge benefit to the team. I think those guys have done a great job doing that. I love having them around. It’s really been a fun camp having those guys there.”

On reported release of Ryan Allen: “Again, I saw it at the same time as everyone else. We aren’t always up to speed on transactions and so forth. There are a lot of difficult decisions that are made and Ryan is an incredible player. Still is, and he will get another great opportunity. There’s a lot of turnover in the league from year-to-year. It is very difficult to see teammates go. I think I learned valuable lessons when I was young when Laywer Milloy, one of my great friends on the team, got released during training camp -- 2003 I think it was. You come from college and you think you are on scholarship, but the reality is you’re not. This is a real professional job. There’s 53 competitive spots and I think the thing you do as a player is you really try to control what you can control and if you are a great player you are going to get opportunity because the league is very competitive, but there’s a spot on some team if you are a great player like Ryan. You just have to focus on your performance. That is what I have always fell back on, my ability to play quarterback. And I feel like if I do that then I will have an opportunity to play football. Obviously, I hope it is here. That’s how you have to think about your job.”

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