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Tuesday was a very meaningful night for the 2018 Red Sox

Ryan Hannable
March 28, 2018 - 7:34 pm

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- After the final spring training game on Tuesday, the Red Sox bussed from Fort Myers to Tampa in advance of Thursday's opener.

Instead of going their separate ways and doing their own thing, everyone got together for a dinner. It wasn't just the team, either. It was the entire traveling party -- all 56 people.  

The tab was picked up by Eduardo Rodriguez, as he wanted No. 57 from third base coach Carlos Febles and the trade-off was Rodriguez paying for a team dinner.

"It was awesome," manager Alex Cora said Wednesday. "I've never been on a team that the whole travel group was in one sitting. We have 56 people here and it was awesome. It was something we will always remember. Whatever happens throughout the season we can go back to that day. We've been talking about connecting and all of that, and having fun. At the end of the day it's what they do. It's a good group. They care about each other. It was eye-opening. It was pretty cool to be with them."

The players felt it was beneficial, too.

"Something I haven’t been a part of before. It was pretty cool," Mookie Betts said.

"It was great," he added. "We got to know some guys a little more. Even though we play on the same team we may not know some small details about guys. It was great getting to know people a little more detail and getting closer to your teammates helps on the field too."

While it may seem like just a normal team dinner, it appears to be something that has stuck with the players and they're hoping it's a springboard to a very successful 2018 campaign.